Recruitment.  Simplified.


What we do:

We recruit.  Plain and simple.  We add value to your hiring process by raising the talent bar...high.  We search for exceptional talent then help employers attract and retain their skills and knowledge.  We work with clients across Canada that seek assistance with time sensitive, strategic and /or high demand hires.

How we do it:

We are constantly updating our search techniques to incorporate the latest industry trends and best-practices.  Our recruitment methodology is designed to identify candidates that otherwise may not have been discovered by our clients through their own efforts.  We know that hiring decisions are directly related to a company's success, therefore, we help attract, assess, acquire and retain the best talent available.  We are search experts, we assist organizations in hiring top performers. 

What we don't do:

Lose focus.  We know that every single day a key position is left unfilled it has the potential to cost your company in lost revenue, growth and market share.  Providing you with qualified professionals to consider for your open requirements in a timely manner is our only priority.  We don't sell Applicant Tracking Systems, Vendor Management Systems, Training, Back office Systems, etc.  For us it's all recruitment, all the time.


With Search & Employ you get big company know-how at small company fees without sacrificing service or quality.  We are very efficient at what we do and we are pleased to pass along our savings to our clients.  If you are looking to compliment your existing hiring process or you're a skilled individual looking for your next challenge, we'd like to chat.  Please contact us to discuss how we may be of assistance.